Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fasting and praying for those fasting and praying...

This Saturday (August 22) marks the beginning of Ramadan, the yearly obligatory month of fasting for Muslims. Would you please join us in a time of focused, specific prayer during this time?

A daily prayer guide is available, which allows the Church around the world to pray in unity throughout the month of Ramadan. It is available electronically in your choice of (1) a daily e-mail, or (2) a downloadable PDF booklet.

If you have children, please note that a special kids’ version of the booklet is also available. We are excited about this wonderful way to involve our children in strategic prayer, and hope to use both booklets as learning tools within our family so that we can all learn more about Muslims, what they believe, and how they can best be reached with the saving love of Jesus Christ.

As the children's booklet says in its introductory pages, "We are praying so that Muslims can discover God's love through Jesus."

Special thanks to my missionary friends - serving Muslims around the world in the name of Jesus - who made us aware of this information. You know who you are; I won't compromise your safety by naming you here.

(See the 30 Days of Prayer website for other useful resources.)

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