Monday, January 4, 2010

European Capitals

Nathan Stark is a teacher whom I do not know but wish I did. He reminds me of my husband, who writes these kinds of songs for our kids sometimes. Mr. Stark, it seems, has written a song to help his students memorize the European capitals. I'm reposting it here so my homeschooled sweeties can benefit from his generous sharing on TeacherTube. Thanks, Mr. Stark!

Here are the lyrics, to help you in your memorization:

Oh yeah, Lisbon is in Portugal
Madrid you’ll find in Spain
And London is the capital of jolly old England
And Dublin is in Ireland
And Paris lies in France
Edinburgh, Scotland
And Warsaw, Poland

You’ve got Reykjavik in Iceland
And Berlin in Germany
Brussels is in Belgium
And Rome in Italy
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Bern in Switzerland
Prague, the Czech Republic
And Kiev in the Ukraine

Sofia, Bulgaria
Tirana, Albania
Chisinau, Maldova
Bratislava, Slovakia
Vilnius, Lithuania
Riga, Latvia
Tallinn in Estonia
Belgrade in Serbia

Oh, Vienna is in Austria
Zagreb is in Croatia
And Budapest in Hungary
And Oslo, Norway
Sarajevo, Bosnia
And Skopje, Macedonia
Bucharest is in Romania
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Oh yeah, Copenhagen, Denmark
And Athens lies in Greece
Helsinki, Finland
And Stockholm, Sweden
Oh, Valletta is in Malta
Vaduz in Liechtenstein

Luxembourg in Luxembourg
Monaco in Monaco
San Marco in San Marco
And the Vatican’s in Italy

And that’s all the capitals there are!


Anonymous said...

Just like to say thanks for uploading this. Great song, I know the nations of the world song (yakkos world) and think i would like to learn this to> Thanks.

Anonymous said...

THis has helped me learn these sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! oh and its "Vaticans City" not Vaticans in italy

Anonymous said...

It's not san marco,but actually San marino

Anonymous said...

This is a great help however I found two mistakes with it with my sister. San Marco should be San Marino and Vatican should be Vatican City, The Vatican. This is sooooooo helpful cause I have a teacher who docks you when you do extra credit if you get it wrong. This should work well if all goes well. :) THANKS FOR MAKING THIS!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting, but Rome, not Vatican City, is capitol of Italy.