Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Whoa! You moisturize!"

Today, in what could undoubtedly be viewed as a totally banal post, I share with you my favorite new moisturizer--and by "new" I mean, "I've been using this for the past year and it works so well!"

Drum roll, please!

Yes, it is a jar of organic coconut oil from Trader Joe's.  I began using this as a moisturizer last year about a month after my daughter EV did.  She has lots of food sensitivities and allergies to beauty products, so she had decided to dispense with conventional (read: chemical-laden) moisturizers in favor of this relatively cheap, all-natural solution.  Inwardly, I smiled at my "weird, granola" daughter and never thought anything more of it.

Then, one day, I saw her give a high-five to a friend of ours, Ben.  (You  may know him as the wonderful lead singer of The Last Bison.  If not, give a listen!  But I digress...)

Just as their hands met in the high-five, Ben exclaimed, "Whoa!  You moisturize!"  (Really, I am not making this stuff up!)  EV works with her hands a lot...in dishwater, in the garden...and she uses no moisturizer save that coconut oil.  I figured that if it gave her skin that warranted a, "Whoa, you moisturize!" it must be working!  I switched over that day and haven't looked back.

It is really wonderful just out of the shower!  A small fingerful rubbed into liquid between my palms and then rubbed onto my skin makes a wonderful body oil.  I use it on my face.  I use it on my lips.  It's wonderful stuff.  Just figured I'd share...