Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Earth Shots

Recently, we bought our daughter a camera. She is developing a love for photography, and a desire to study it, that has outgrown our little digital click-'n-shoot. She has a great eye, and I love some of the things she captures on film* precisely because of the way in which she captures them.

*[Well, actually, what do you call it now that it is all digital?!]

So I've found this website that I think will greatly interest her, and it might interest you, too. It has a daily photo that is usually a beautiful nature or landscape piece... something that is neat to look at... to reflect on... to force a pause in the middle of a busy day... to stimulate a moment to breathe deeply and pray briefly and smile...

This was today's "Photo of the Day" contest winner, entitled "Mesquite Dunes at Sunset" by someone named Chris.

You should go see it onsite at http://www.earthshots.org/ to do it justice.


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