Saturday, August 8, 2009

Asking the Right Questions

This list of Questions to Ask When Preparing for Marriage, posted by John Piper this week on the Desiring God Blog, is a rich and valuable resource of wisdom for anyone thinking about getting married. These are good, important things to explore together before you join your lives as one. Considering these things with gravity and honesty will prevent much conflict and disunity later, and will greatly multiply your effectiveness as a couple for the Kingdom of God.

It sure beats the "Which way do you think the toilet paper should roll off the roll?" and "Who took the trash out in your home growing up?" questions! (Not that those kinds of things weren't important to discuss, because they were. In fact, if I can get my hands on the list we were given before our wedding, I'll post it, too.) But those issues regarding preference and practice, though genuine, are far less critical than these large life questions regarding unity of spiritual vision and purpose and pursuit...

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