Monday, August 3, 2009

A Comparative Piece of Cake

People often ask me how in the world I homeschool 4 different children in 4 different grade levels at the same time. I often answer that it is much easier than anything I did when I taught in the public schools.

Back then, I still had 4 different classes to prepare for on any given day (English 9, English 11, Developmental Reading, and English as a Second Language), but I had over 100 students to teach over the course of that same day.

100 papers to read.

100 tests to create and grade.

100 different students with varied learning styles; varied amounts of sleep the night before; varied worldviews; varied ethical standards at work in their homes; varied levels of aptitude for, interest in, and grasp of the material.

All in all, four students who are motivated, excited about learning, and who want to do their work, is a comparative piece of cake.

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