Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Something More

I've been pondering the article My ipod is my best friend, from the Rebelution website.

I am concerned for this generation of youth... shaped and defined by a stilted and immature and selfish world view. What are we calling them to? What are we teaching them to aspire to? What are we equipping them for? Something greater than DS or Xbox 360? Something more satisfying than receiving the next text message, or buying the next fad at the mall, or getting high on the next illegal substance, or seeing topless photos emailed to your cell phone?

Where is the remnant of Christian young people who will stand up and cry, "Enough is enough!" and dare to live counter-culturally... in the world but not of it?! Or the generation of adults who will do the same, for that matter? There is more to life than the next purchase, or the next tv show, or the next hook-up, or the next drink, is there not? There is more to relationship with our children than playing with them on the Wii, yes? It is possible to experience, and enjoy, relationships with people of all ages - all the while appreciating and cherishing the opportunity to glean wisdom from those older and pass it on to those younger - right?

I'm longing for a community of people who will challenge me in this... engage with me in it... encourage me and my children to live radically different lives for Christ, and to make a difference for the Kingdom in this world because of it.

I am challenged by John Piper's query: "Have you tasted in the word of God - especially the gospel - that the Lord is good? Have you tasted it? Not: Have you thought about it? Not: Have you decided to affirm it? But: Have you tasted it? Are there living, spiritual taste buds in your heart that taste Christ as more desirable than all else?

This is where we need to get serious. We will spread the seed of God's mighty regenerating power if we have tasted that the Lord is good. The Lord is our delight. The Lord is our treasure. The Lord is our meat and milk and water and wine. May God loosen our tongues and make us bold gospel-tellers because we are drunk with the wine of the word of God and the goodness of the Lord."

Oh, Lord, may I taste and see that You are good, and be blessed as I take refuge in You (Psalm 34:8). Teach me to take refuge in You!

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