Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Passion Flower

Our passion flower has bloomed! This is what its lone blossom looks like.

The "vine expert" at the nursery said it will grow anywhere, and is the most invasive flowering vine you can plant. He warned that it would eventually grow to fifty feet and beyond, taking over houses, telephone poles, trees, fences, or whatever it happens to touch. It does not die back in the winter, just goes brown and dormant and then gets going again where it left off come spring.

The clematis, on the other hand, grows to only about six feet, then dies back each winter to the ground; it emerges again come spring. This sounds a bit more like what we are looking for in our little garden plot. I will take the kids with me to pick out the one they want, and we will try to plant it this weekend.

Happy Mother's Day to me all over again!

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