Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Singing Revolution

The first time I met my future mother-in-law (who at the time was just the mother of a guy I thought was neat), she handed me a "Free the Baltics" button. She was (and still is) a beautiful woman, all the more charming for her Estonian accent when she spoke. And she was passionate about Estonian independence.

I had moved past the, "Where is Estonia again?" question by the time I met her. I had, after all, asked the neat guy with the weird name where he was from; been told, "Jersey;" and pressed further to get at the true ethnic origins of his unusual name. Then I'd had to go find my map...

But I had not even tapped into the fierce "ethnic pride" that is characteristic of these people. (His Swiss German father didn't have a chance, although Iivo did become fluent in both "extra" languages growing up.)

Now there is a chance that you can learn a bit more of their story yourself. You can see the trailer for the film here:

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one of the four 'dings said...

What do you call something that gives you chills? Powerful? I hope we see this movie...

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