Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Red Letter Day

I must write and say that today was a day for the history books! I passed my eldest daughter in the hall today, and in her arms was a basket of her clean clothes. She had taken them upstairs to the laundry room, washed them, put them in the dryer, gotten them out of the dryer, and was now taking them back downstairs to be put away - all without being asked! (Normally she is invited to put her clothes in the family baskets to be washed with all the rest.)

After a few high fives and some mock cheering, I went on to genuinely thank her very much for taking such initiative, and for being so helpful. How was I blessed with such great kids?!

Now if we can just get my son to notice when the trash needs to go out...


Grace&Glory said...

Do I draw from this amazing post that your eldest now resides in the downstairs bedroom across the hall from yours?? Any tips on training them YOUNG for this kind of initiative? My girls have SUCH a hard time putting things back when they're done!

one of the four 'dings said...


'ding 2