Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sixteen Years

Sixteen years ago yesterday, "I promise(d), with God's help, to be your faithful husband, to love and to serve you as Christ commands, as long as we both shall live." There are only a few moments in life that you remember forever, as if they were yesterday, but that is one of them.

And, astonishingly, as the years go by, it only gets better. I never knew that it could, or would, be like that. I used to fear that life would get boring with the same person forever. Or that sex would get routine and dull. Little did I know.

And who knew that "playing house" with a bunch of kids would be so great, either?! It is totally fitting that - in this stage of life - we spent our anniversary today with them. We embarked upon our seventeenth year together in what has been voted "the world's most beautiful theme park" for seventeen consecutive years. And it was beautiful. The perfect breeze blew across the perfect sky. And we ate the perfect picnic lunch which my husband had packed for us... bread, cheese, grapes, carrot sticks, banana bread and homemade "Olivia's Best" cookies... all served with some sparkling Pellegrino and grape juice.

All of this he had gotten up early to prepare, so that I could sleep in.

How did I fall into this merciful union, with this glorious man?! Thank You, Lord, for this wonderful treasure!

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