Sunday, May 12, 2013

How Very "Downton Abbey"

Today, I dined in style for Mother's Day!  I was awakened by the sound of my sweet husband and eldest daughter EV carrying in a tray of delicious loveliness this morning.

"We don't have one of those cool Downton Abbey leg trays..." iivo lamented.  Oh, I do feel so very served-in-style nonetheless!  Here's all that's left of my whole wheat buttermilk scone topped with mock Devonshire cream and a fresh strawberry.  Yum!

Thank you, thank you, my sweet ones, who make motherhood so rich and wonderful!  It is a privilege and a joy to share life with you for this brief, beautiful season, and it is an honor to be your mom.

And, a few minutes later, my youngest wandered in with a gift bag and a shy face.

Me: "Oh, honey, these are great!  Where did you get them?"

EL: "I made them."

"You made them?!  Where did you get the idea?"

"On the Internet. That's what was on the counter that day..."  (I had come in to find salt all over the clean kitchen counter. She must have recovered well, because I had no idea!). "It's just Epsom salt, sea salt, lavender oil, and coconut oil."

"We don't have any lavender oil, do we?"

"EV did!"

Oh, such sweet thoughtfulness.  I can't wait for my first aromatherapy bath!

Happy Mother's Day to me!

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