Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Different Kind of Joy on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is often a very pensive day for me.  Besides the usual dwelling on how grateful I am for a family who loves me in spite of my many, many failings and flaws... and how thankful I am that it is easy to love them in spite of theirs...

I am also very aware that there are many who--though they love and appreciate their own mothers on this day--also become painfully and acutely aware on this day of the fact that they themselves are not mothers.  Some are alone and lonely, wanting desperately to be wives and mothers, but not having yet walked down that path.  Some are walking through the aching pain of infertility, desperately aware of their empty wombs and their hearts that have motherly love to give, without object.  I know that today is sometimes hard for these sweet friends.

I'm also aware of a set of dear friends for whom Mother's Day holds a very special and different meaning. These are my friends who have opened their hearts and homes to a new child through adoption.  Some of these dear women had birth children of their own before they adopted, and some did not.  Either way, they found room in their lives to love another as their own.  These children are so much theirs, that the fact that they're adopted has long ago ceased to be something anyone even remembers!

These women--these families--inspire me and challenge me and sometimes even convict  me.  I admire them, and I appreciate them, and I love them.  Aren't they beautiful?!



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