Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cleft Palate Breastfeeding

This video was made by a personal friend of mine to help women whose babies are born with a cleft palate learn how to breastfeed successfully. She was able to exclusively nurse her son Jacob, who was born with a completely cleft soft palate that extended into the hard palate. She has asked that we help spread the word and post this link anywhere that women who need this information might find it.

Please be encouraged that the video is very discreet and is never unnecessarily revealing, but also be warned that there is some video footage of Jacob nursing using the techniques she employed for successful breastfeeding. There is also frank discussion of—and (clothed) demonstration of—these techniques, which is extremely valuable to the mother of a cleft palate baby who is seeking to successfully breastfeed. If this sort of candor is offensive to you, please do not watch this video.

Kudos to my sweet friend for her determination and tenacity in nursing Jacob successfully despite the difficulties it entailed—and in making this video so that other cleft palate babies (and their mothers!) can enjoy the many advantages of breastfeeding. You can do it!

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