Saturday, June 1, 2013


Look what my daughter OG just brought in--organically grown in our own little patch of earth.  How fun!

What a difference a week can make!  These were her words to her grandfather in Vermont last Friday:

Our garden is coming along quite nicely as well!  We, too, have asparagus stalks shooting up.  Often times, we leave them too long that they begin looking like little trees.  We also have a plot of strawberry plants, which we planted last summer, that already have large green berries collecting on the ends of the vines.  I check almost every day to see if any have turned red yet.  So far no luck. 
The weather is very strange here these days.  One minute it will be pouring down rain like a tropical storm, and the next minute the sun will be shining in the skies just as warm as ever.  It wouldn't be so strange except for the fact that when the sun comes out, I look outside and there are barely any clouds out there.  Then the clouds scurry back and it starts raining again.  I wish we could just have one day of rain and the next of sun, because Grampa has opened his pool and I enjoy going for a swim.
I liked your description of the dandelion blossoms; our grass is growing quickly, too.  PT said he would have to start mowing twice a week so that our lawn doesn't look unkempt.
I hope your loneliness eases as you see the signs of life blossoming around you.  I miss you and hope to see you soon.  Much love from, OG

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