Saturday, January 5, 2013

Acts of Service

I have had graduate coursework to complete since I enrolled in the classes last summer, but the busyness of homeschooling and life kicked in before I finished, and I've been slowly pecking away at them all semester in the stolen moments I could find amid our gloriously busy life.

This day was the absolute, "I must finish these papers and get them to the instructor" day.  My husband set me and my trusty laptop up in the guest room, where I was to shut the door and not come out until they were done.

This is what I found that he had set up to be waiting for me in there:

In case you can't quite see it in the larger picture, I'll give you a closer look:

Yep!  Candles and tea!  How wonderful it is to be really known!

And, in addition to feeling very known, I felt very, very loved and supported.  You see, I'm an "Acts of Service" love-language girl, and it is sometimes ridiculous to me how happy I am and how loved I feel when someone does something for me.  And it doesn't have to be thoughtful and special, either (like candles and tea and a quiet room to do the must-do work).  It can be something as mundane as changing the light bulb before I get to it... vaccuming the floor you noticed was a mess... cleaning up the dishes in the kitchen that I didn't quite get to yet...

Yep, it is pretty easy to make an acts-of-service person feel loved... just look around and do something that needs to be done.  She'll melt like the gift-receiver-love-language girl will melt over flowers... or the quality-time girl will melt if you'll just sit with her while you both read... or the physical-touch girl if you hold her hand for no apparent reason... or the words-of-affirmation girl if you write her a love letter.

Don't get me wrong!  If you do any of those things for me, I'll feel special--but not as special as if you clean out that plugged drain when you notice you're standing in water so I don't have to.  Silly, yes!  And I often watch in wonder at my own emotional reaction to acts of service, thinking how ridiculous it is!  But it is really quite undeniably true.

If you aren't familiar with the Five Love Languages, I'd highly recommend that you read about them.  It may just transform how you love each other!

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