Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweet Misery

The following documentary regarding the dangers of aspartame (marketed under several trademark names, including NutraSweet, Equal, and Canderel) is finally available for free public viewing online (see below). It is also pretty disturbing.

[I am often accused of being a big "conspiracy theorist," and as such I tend to keep my "radical" views to myself these days. I've pretty much decided that people are going to believe and do whatever they want to, and they don't want you complicating things by "being helpful" and sharing your counter-cultural views. The question, ultimately, is whether they're going to hate or continue to like you in the process, so it is easier with most people to keep your views to yourself... especially if you do things like give birth at home, breastfeed, skip immunizations, spank your children, home school, drink raw milk, skip mammograms, go out without sunscreen, and yes, skip the aspartame.]

You can always put your "wacko ideas" on your Blog. And so here we are.

I was first made aware of the dangers of artificial sweeteners many years ago through the research of my friend Gailon Totheroh, medical reporter for CBN News. [He also shed some light on the dangers of MSG consumption, on the importance of a healthy diet which avoids excess sugar, and of the dangers of vaccinations as well.] I went on to do copious amounts of research into these issues myself, and came to believe the truth of these claims based on all that I read and studied.

This documentary film, however, makes this information clearly accessible to average citizens who are just being exposed to the idea that aspartame might be dangerous to their bodies. If you don't want to read many books, explore original sources, and interview experts on both sides of the issue like I did, but would like a good, concise explanation of some of the most salient points regarding the aspartame controversy, this documentary film is a good place to start.

I have many friends who consume large amounts of aspartame - having bought the party line that it is healthier than sugar - and it grieves me not to be able to let them know (what I believe to be) the truth about the dangers. So, I'll post it here and let the chips fall where they may.

Please, nobody be offended! Of course you may eat and drink whatever you want to, with zero judgment from me.

You're even allowed to think I'm a moron for not joining you.

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Sirje said...

Thanks for posting this! I am convinced aspartame is just plain old poison and it drives me NUTS when my husband drinks diet coke.

(And btw since when is drinking raw milk the domain of conspiracy theorists?? Oh well, call us conspiracy theorists, then!)