Monday, February 8, 2010

Computer Cretins, Unite!

Okay, so maybe most people already know this, but I decided to share this with any fellow computer cretins who sometimes have frustrating times with their printers but don't know it yet.

(That, and the fact that this is the handiest way I can think of to avoid an actual post-it note on my computer. If I ever need this information again, I'll be glad to have it in some other form than the scrawled, tattered, yellow document rapidly losing its adhesive power and irritating me every time I open my laptop...)

When your printer is frozen up, stuck with a document in queue in the spooler - which you've tried to delete, of course, but which will not go away, of course - this is how you can get rid of it and get things flowing again:

Control Panel
System and Maintenance
Administrative Tools
Services (at this point it needs you to grant it permission to continue)
Print Spooler
Restart the Service (link choice on far left on my computer)

This is assuming you've alreay tried selecting Control Panel then Printers, and deleting stuff there, and that you have tried restarting your computer.

Good luck!

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Laurie said...

Just had to do this again. Now my control panel no longer has a choice called "System and Maintenance." I searched the control panel for "Administrative Tools" and continued from there...