Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cell Phone Cheating

Reason I Love Homeschooling #723: Your students actually learn the material, do the work, write their own papers, and take their own tests.

Here are some not-so-surprising results from a Common Sense Media poll, released on June 18, 2009:

(The survey was commissioned by the San Francisco non-profit group Common Sense Media and was conducted by The Benensen Strategy Group. The national survey studied 1,013 middle- and high school students from around the country.)
  • 83% of 1,013 teens surveyed had a cell phone.
  • Teens with cell phones send 440 texts a week on average, with 110 occurring in the classroom.
  • Nearly two-thirds of students with cell phones (65%) use them during school, regardless of school policies against it.
  • 35% admitted to cheating in school using the phones.
  • 65% said others in school cheat with them.
  • Even so, 23% feel that storing notes on a cell phone for use during a test is NOT cheating. Less than half (only 41%) believe this to be cheating.
  • 20% said texting friends on the cell phone about answers during a test is NOT cheating, while still less than half (45% ) say it is.
One could wonder exactly what they were admitting when they did confess to cheating with their cell phones (which more than 1 in 3 did), if texting answers to friends or retrieving stored answers from your phone is not considered cheating!

(Remember our former president who "Did not have sexual relations with that woman?!" Our students are learning well the lessons of semantics, splitting hairs, redefining terms, and engaging-in-whatever-behavior-you-want because it's-nobody's-business-but-your-own and everyone's-doing-it.)

Here's to students who are still allowed to be told that certain things are right and that other things are wrong... who understand what cheating is... who are excited about learning and want to expand their knowledge... whose teacher knows if they know the answer or not...

Is homeschooling "old-fashioned"? You betcha: the students don't use cell phones (or anything else) to cheat on their tests. They actually just learn the stuff. What a novel idea.

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