Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Barbie Church

With the Christmas break from homeschooling in full swing, my little girls are enjoying the secret and rare pleasure of some fantasy play together.

Homeschool days are busy and scholarly and productive in a way that crowds out the opportunity for hours of "fake believe," but vacation days provide many such opportunities. Sometimes it is creating whole worlds of buildings with our extensive Duplo collection, then populating it with either Polly Pocket people or PlayMobil guys. (They happen to be the right size to live in Duplo World, you know.)

Other days it is Barbie World, which has grown significantly over the years with the addition of brunettes, men, toddlers and babies. We have it all: interracial marriage, twins, modified-by-special-request-to-be-more-modest clothing, and a set of ten or so Barbie-sized wicker chairs my mother gave them one year.

Last evening I trudged to my room at way too late an hour, to find what I can only assume to be "Barbie Church" waiting for me all over my bedroom floor. Check it out:

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