Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is this really "social justice"?

First, let me say that politics divides folks. It is the nature of the thing. I am having a hard time processing the things that some of the folks I know, believe... are taking a stand for... are willing to vote for...

I'm sure the same is true for many of them regarding their feelings about me.

I must say that I am a Christian. I care about social justice. I care about equal rights for all. I care about caring well for the impoverished among us.

However, I do not believe that "a black president at all costs" is the answer. I do not believe that race - and the unprecedented opportunity to have a black man as President of the United States - should trump all other considerations when casting a vote in November.

And I do not believe that expanded government is the answer for the poor and oppressed in our nation. The welfare system does not serve them well now. Expanded welfare will not serve them better. It serves only to keep the poor and oppressed, poor and oppressed. It is a trap.

Consider Obama in his own words, regarding the redistribution of wealth he advocates.

Consider that the top 50% of earners are already paying 97% of all income taxes collected by the United States government.

Consider that 40% of the poor which he advocates redistributing to, already pay no federal income taxes.

Consider the difference between "tax cuts" (you can't cut what someone already doesn't pay) and "tax credits" (but you can give them some money belonging to someone else which the government has redistributed to them).

Lastly, let's consider the definitions of socialism and of communism as we listen.

I know that it has become cool, especially among young liberal evangelicals who support Obama, to refer to themselves, jokingly, as "socialists." This is supposedly a fun little way of mocking the"white pig Republican" idea that support for Obama is support for socialism.

But I ask you, if this is not on the road to socialism, which is the first leg of the road to communism, what is it?!

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