Friday, October 24, 2008

Only 13%

Election time is around the corner. Statistics show that approximately only 50% of eligible adults actually register to vote. In any given election only about 50% of registered voters vote. (That is only 25% of adults!)

That means it only takes about 13% of adults to elect any given candidate. Every vote counts!

The winners of this coming election will play a big part in determining what freedoms we will keep and what freedoms we may lose. Exercising our right to vote is crucial.

I have been reading some voter guides to help me make informed decisions as I cast my vote.

Family Research Council is an organization dedicated to the promotion of marriage and family and the sanctity of human life in national policy. To find the Family Research Council's Election Guides, containing information on candidates in your district, please go here. If you're from a different state than Virginia, you can link to your state from that same page.

FRC Action is the legislative arm of the Family Research Council. Together with Focus on the Family, they have created a very useful "vote scorecard" that gives information about how candidates have voted on issues in the past.

To view FRC Action and Focus on the Family's Vote Scorecard please go here.

To find additional information about local candidates, you can go to Project Vote Smart and insert your ZIP code.

Please help spread the word about these resources for responsible citizenship! Forward a link to this post to your family and friends so they can also use this information.

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