Friday, September 26, 2008

"... forsaking all others..."

Today is the opening of the Fireproof movie I blogged about a few months ago. Yes, we're going.

But what I really want to say today is that I just found out about an interview that Kirk Cameron (the lead actor in the film) did on the Today show on Tuesday. Apparently, he has a commitment to kiss only his wife, Chelsea. (That means no onscreen kissing, as an actor.)

In this film, there is a very intimate moment that involves the character he is playing kissing his wife ... only the actress playing his wife is not his real wife. Except in this scene. Hmmm... follow that?

Apparently, for this shot, they dressed his wife Chelsea up in the same clothes as the actress and shot the scene in silhouette. He's kissing his real-life wife, honoring his real-life marriage, even as he shoots a movie about honoring marriage.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons their Hollywood marriage has actually lasted through six kids and seventeen years?!

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