Friday, August 1, 2008

Today is Swiss Indpendence Day

You may not know this thing. You may not have any reason to know this thing. You are likely more familiar with the fact that yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday.

In fact, you likely do not even know from whom the Swiss needed to gain independence, and when.

But since my husband's family has a colorful European history in both Switzerland and Estonia, I know many obscure history facts that you may not, including that today is Swiss Independence Day.

The particulars can be had with a quick Google search, should you care for them, but I'm assuming that you may not. Just know that the dates in view will make you very, very aware of just what a "young upstart country" you live in. (Provided you are in the US, like I am.)

In the meantime, perhaps you would consider joining us for some authentic Swiss music, hearty rye bread and fondue, bratwurst and sauerkraut, all washed down with a good dark ale and topped off with a good dark chocolate?


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