Saturday, March 8, 2008

That's Still Me

Yesterday I left my children to a carefully planned-by-me but executed-by-my-parents homeschool day, and my husband whisked me off to a nearby Bed & Breakfast. It was amazing. And I suppose that the thing that most struck me was how "different" was can both seem, away from the pressures of everyday life and work and drudgery. He is so incredible (and so am I!) and yet day-in-and-day-out we are often angry and petty and snippy and grumpy and mean. (Which is the real self, even, actually?!)

Oh, may our children know both of the "real" versions of us!

I think of the Amy Grant song 1974. Such profound lyrics. Such a profound request.

Stay with me. Make it ever new. So time will not undo. As the years go by, how I need to see... That's still me.

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