Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Single Way

My seven-year old's devotional journal is currently in that "transitional phase" where some of the entries are my own handwriting, scribble-scrawled as I try to grab what she's dictating to me after we've read the lesson together. Other times, they are her own tentative printing and juvenile spelling, working to capture her thoughts without any grown-up scribe to help her.

Today was a "dictation day," and this is what she told me:

If you open your heart wide, Jesus will come into it. The more you ask Him, He will dig out and make the single way. You need to stay to the trunk - its like the trunk is Jesus, and with Him you can grow a bunch of fruit, but if you cut it off, you can't. We need the branch. Like we need Jesus.

"Good, honey. Hey. What's 'the single way' mean?"


"You said, 'He will dig out and make the single way.' What's 'the single way'?"

"No, I said, 'He will make the sin go away.'"

Hunh. Pretty profound on either count...

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