Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Oh Christmas Lights, Keep Shining On

Christmas lights are a magical thing for me... ever since I was a little girl, lying on the couch in the dark and watching the blinking lights—waiting for the inevitable moment, which would come for the patient, when every single light was out for a brief moment. I loved it. I would blur my eyes and watch the twinkling colors, magically heralding the fun of the season.

Many, many years have passed since those days, and I still find myself watching the lights. This year, they're not blinking, but they are still colorful, and they were hung more masterfully than ever by my oldest daughter, EV, who went up and down instead of round and round with them. The effect is beautiful, and it's a whole lot easier that way! (Who knew?!)

Tonight I begin what will be a fourth year (for me) of completing my friend Pam's "December Blog Challenge." Though she hasn't mentioned a word about it yet, I can only assume she is continuing the tradition this year. Even if she doesn't, I will, because I love the forced exercise of sitting down and gathering my thoughts during the comparatively calm days between Christmas and New Year's when it seems possible to grab a few moments from the busy life of a homeschool mom—happily on break!—to write.

Won't you join us this year? You don't have to join us every day. (My first year, I only got to December 30, the 6th day of Christmas!) Just grab a day or two during these next two weeks and capture your thoughts. I'd love to read them!

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pamela said...

I'm here, Laurie, and I'm in for this year's challenge, dear friend. I am so excited to read your posts!