Sunday, November 9, 2014



I heard her say it with all the, like, Valley Girl flip she could muster.
She, like, had to, um, make a point. Totally.

Except she couldn't.

Yeah, well, whatever! She can speak how she wants.
And whadda u know, anyways?
She's totes adorbs and u r just, um, yaknow, old.

It fits with the purple hair and the bare midriff and the black nails.
This carefully crafted look needs a carefully crafted soundtrack.
And that mom is just begging to be sassed at.

Come ON!

I wonder if she practices the little stomp,
or the snort,
or the perfectly executed head move.
We used to flip our hair, but this is definitely better.
She's got it down, that finger in the air and that head move.

Like, yeah, well, yaknow. Whaddya expect? It's all cool.

Cool bananas.

I wonder if Mom thinks it's cool bananas.
This tired, haggard, defeated-looking mom
who's committed the ultimate sin.

How could she!

We dressed them up and called them Bratz and nobody batted an eye.
That's what they are, but it's not insulting anymore. Just true.

True, 'dat.

Yeah? Well, whatever.

© 2014 Laurie Sitterding
My entry for the November 2014 prompt—Slang!—at Poets Online

For this prompt, select a word or phrase that would be considered slang as your title and starting place. Your poem can be about the slang itself, but it could be about language or go off some other direction.
*Entry 11, November - The 12 Months of 2014 Blog Challenge
The title is from the song "Whatever" by Hot Chelle Rae

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