Friday, February 8, 2013

Non-birthday Cheesecake

On a lunch date this week with my sweet daughter:

She: "You know how PT tried to give up sugar this year, too?"
(Editor's note: Our family has given up soda together as a family goal this year.  My son decided to also cut way back on sugar, only allowing himself a sweet treat on a special occasion like a birthday.)

Me: "Yeah..."

She: "Well, I think he's having a hard time because we're not all doing it, too, and so there's always something yummy around."

Me: "Yeah..."

She: "So, I'm planning to give up sugar, too, for Lent, so that it'll be easier for him and he won't be doing it alone."

Me: "You know that means you'll be in the middle of giving up sugar during your birthday celebration, right?"
(Editor's note: She had already asked me to make her a cheesecake for her birthday.)

She: "Yep.  That's why we're here... so I can have my birthday cheesecake now!"

I told that story to our server while my daughter was up at the cheesecake counter, choosing her flavor.

She had gone to the bathroom when he returned to find out her choice.

"Plain.  The other stuff ruins it," I told him she had said.

When he brought it to her, this is what we saw:

I was so surprised and thrilled that he chose to decorate for her piece-of-birthday-cheesecake-not-on-her-birthday!  I had not even thought of that fun idea, so it was a neat surprise for both of us!

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