Monday, December 24, 2012

He signs his name to a letter he just wrote...

I figure, since it is Christmas Eve--and the "12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge" doesn't officially begin until tomorrow--I can have a "guest post" of sorts, and I can use a line from a Christmas song that's a little too newfangled to count, in my book.

A few minutes ago, as I soaked in the warm bath that is my annual Christmas-Eve-afternoon "calm before the (glorious) storm," the following email arrived from my sweet husband to each member of our precious family. I have no idea if any of the other recipients have read it yet, but it has been a timely, joyful reminder for me this afternoon. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle... the fun silliness... the exciting plans for giving and gifting... the serious business of tradition-making and -keeping... may I never, never lose sight of the real point of it all!  Oh how thankful I am for the reminder, so I figured I'd remind you, too...

My dear Family,

During this time that is so fun (and also sometimes so crazy) I hope that you are all, in some way, savoring a taste of God’s goodness in sending us the “Light of the World.”  Regardless of the disappointments, trials, difficulties, joys, and triumphs you face, if you have embraced the “Present of the World,” you are secure in God! 

What follows, then, is the realization that NOTHING can separate you from that love!  Not fussing, yelling, bad grades, unclean rooms, dirty dishes, biting dogs, deadlines, stress, worry….  God’s Word has a lot to say about many of those things, but ultimately, God has covered us in the Righteousness of Jesus, and so we are secure.  Remind each other, and yourselves, of that all year round.  Then, how much more sweet every yummy thing will taste, how much better every good thing seem, and thankfulness will abound. 

I want you all to know how thankful I am for each of you.  I love each and every one of you and, to quote a song, “my life will always be richer for the time I spent here with you.”  I am proud of every one of you as well.  You are all incredible persons.  :)

I am looking forward to sharing Christmas with my very favorite people in the world.

Much love, always

* "He signs his name to a letter he just wrote..." from Reba McIntyre's "A Christmas Letter"

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Mom to JADE said...

What godly advice! You are blessed.