Friday, May 7, 2010

Kids bowl free!

Kids bowl free all summer!

For a one-time fee of $24.95, up to four adult family members may join them... two games per day, any and every day.

Of course, standard shoe rental rates apply -- and there are the snacks and food which are screaming at them from the snack bar -- but the bowling itself is free.

We haven't ever taken our kids bowling, but it could be fun to show them that they aren't quite as pro as Wii Bowling might make them think they are. I remember being a kid and trying to make that stupid ball hit those stupid pins without rolling into that stupid gutter.

Everyone should have to live through that. It is like learning to hit that stupid softball.... trying to get back upright on a flipped jet ski when there are two of you... learning to stay up while parasailing... trying to ride your bike with your hands down by your sides... figuring out how to catch the wave and ride the boogie board all the way to the shore... mastering Heelys... finding that sweet spot on the backboard so the ball actually goes into the net every time...

This list is endless. What did you have a hard time mastering, but finally got it? Or didn't - like me with the bowling thing - but had a lot of fun trying?


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Laurie said...

From my friend Gloria, in an email:

Okay, so we signed up for the free bowling at We printed out our passes and called to make sure there were lanes available. We walked into the bowling alley, which was mostly empty. I think two lanes were being used in the whole place. We presented our passes and asked for four pairs of shoes. (L. has his own.) Total: $18. What?!

My kids will only bowl one game happily. I'm lucky if E. gets through that.

I used to think owning your own shoes was only for serious bowlers, or maybe those with foot phobia. But at $4.50 per rental, I'm rethinking things.

I found some good deals on if anyone in your family has an odd-sized foot! You can tweak things, too...a ladies 5 can be a youth 3, etc. "june2010" takes $5 off a $30 purchase.