Friday, March 12, 2010

"And I love her back..."

We are in the middle of a huge house reorganization project. I mean massive. It is as if we are moving out of our house and moving back in. I am not exaggerating. There are boxes and odd pieces of furniture and random pieces of artwork all over the floors and hallways and everywhere. Every weekend we take bags and boxes full of discarded household items and clothing to the thrift stores. We throw away multiple bags of trash every Friday. And Saturday.

It is wonderfully freeing, and simultaneously both incredibly exhilarating and exhausting.

I am learning so many things, about myself and about my husband and about my children and about the Lord. So many important lessons... but that's for another time, in another post.

For today, I am just shamelessly looking for a place to save the "letter" I just received from my sweet little OG.

Part of the reorganization involves getting rid of all the myriad of half-functional computers scattered about the house and consolidating down to one family desktop, downstairs in the newly-created "study." Each of my children had to scour through documents and papers and all such stuff on the upstairs computers, figuring out what to save and what to "trash," literally.

Today I found an email in my inbox that said, "I don't know when I wrote this, but you can have it." This is what it said:

I love my mom for so many reasons that I could not even write them all down. But, for a contest, I guess I might be able to capture the seven most important reasons that I love her.

1:) She stays home and home schools me.

2:) She buys everything I need to become smart and healthy.

3:) She is always there for me.

4:) She loves everything I make her.

5:) She cares about my thoughts and intentions.

6:) She thinks everything I draw is a masterpiece.

7:) Lastly, she loves me very much.

And I love her back.

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