Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Goodbye, Little

I am writing with the sad news that our beloved pet dog, Little, was struck by a car and killed this evening. I would like to ask you to pray for our children, who are deeply sad and grieving... but especially for OG.

Little had run away across the road in front of our house, and OG went after her to try to retrieve her. Little decided to play a game of "I can make you chase me" (this was one of her favorites) and darted across the large highway beside our house into the median. OG, fearful and worried that Little might get hit by a car, called her to come back. Although Little was not an obedient dog, and would literally NEVER come when called, she turned and headed back toward OG. She ran right in front of a car, who apparently swerved to try to avoid her, but could not. Although Little was not run over, she was struck by the car and passed under it - and OG did witness the whole thing. She heard the yelp and both heard and witnessed the impact.

We were having Bible study/music practice at our home at the time. OG ran into the house by way of the front door, screaming.

OG is our quietest, most introspective child, so we want to pray for her a healthy processing of this whole experience, without any undue guilt or self-blame. Please also pray this same thing for the woman who struck Little. She stopped (as did the car behind her who witnessed the whole thing), and she was pretty distraught. Several people waited and cried and talked with us ("us" being our family and the many members of the worship team who were at our house when it happened) while we waited for the Animal Control emergency vet to arrive and confirm that Little was dead.

We were able to talk together and process things, and we were able to bury Little - with her favorite chew toy under her head like she liked to sleep - but the children are still quite sad and are having a hard time getting to sleep.

They are asking hard "why" questions and are not sure how to engage them.

Please just pray for our family as we move through this night and these next days of grief. We're so thankful no people were hurt, of course, and yet we're missing our sweet little friend of a dog.

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Electroluminescence. said...

I am SO sad for you & your family & I'll be praying my little heart out for you!
I know how horrible it feels to lose your pet... they're a part of the family... and very precious.
We grew up with the same three cats... and just had to put our last childhood cat to sleep in October.
We got her when i was 4 years old, before I started kindergarten... and she died when i was 21!
I'm still not over losing the three of them, there is a hole in our family... they were my best friends!
[We have two new amazing little kittens now...]
but I feel especially sad for you because of how much we miss our cats!