Friday, January 2, 2009

AFTER-Christmas Cards

Our family is terrible about Christmas cards! Last year, we wrote a Christmas letter and even had the photo cards printed, but we never mailed them! They were "late," and so I sent out an email version to those whose email addresses we had, but then I never sent out the real hard copy. They sat in a red basket under my desk all year. That is really rather pathetic, isn't it?

This year, the letter is written, the photo cards printed, the envelopes stuffed, and the stamps on... but they are still sitting in my den on January 2. They're not all addressed, and we haven't gotten around to getting them in the mail. Life is full with homeschooling, and then gets even fuller (and busier) during the holiday season; Christmas cards are one of those things that seems to get left undone around here until after New Year's. I need to just think of them as New Year's cards and be done with the guilt.

Of course, it doesn't help that my mother and my sister take turns from year to year being the first (and second) Christmas card to arrive in the mailbox!

I guess I'll just have to distinguish myself by being the last card to arrive in your mailbox...

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Laurie said...

Or maybe "Epiphany Cards," since they are still not in the mail yet, on January 6?! (We DID get the decorations down over the weekend, but visiting with previously-unexpected but deeply-loved visiting friends precluded any further addressing of cards. Sigh.)